Japan - Land of the rising sun

Sensoji is a Buddism temple situated in Asakusa, Tokyo. It is one of the most colorful and popular.
To get to Sensoji Temple you need to first go through Kaminari Gate, then follow the Nakamise street which offer loads of things to buy. From t-shirts, fans, tradition Japanese clothing such as yukatas to rice crackers and ice cream burgers (?). Fist time we visited the temple during a day, which I think was our mistake. There was a way too many people. Fortunately we came back the day after as we needed to take a train to Nikko from Asakusa station. Photos from Asakusa at night I will show you in next post so you can compare it.

250m long Nakamise shopping street.

Kaminarimon or Kaminari Gate is over 1000 years old and now it is a symbol of Asakusa.

Ueno Park is our favorite one as there we saw our first cherry blossoms. Among Japanese people this is the most popular spot for hanami, which literally means ' flower viewing'. 1,2 km² filled with museums, temples, zoo and other natural attractions. Over 10 million people visit every year, this year we were among them.

Very close to Ueno Park is Ameyoko Market and as I absolutely love street markets I couldn't miss it. I found Japanese markets very organised and clean. It's not what I'm used it experience in Asia. 

Pachinko - an arcade game.

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