Gunung Kawi Temple, BALI

The same day after visiting Goa Gajah, we headed to Gunung Kawi Temple which is an ancient rocky temple. To get to the temple you need past over 300 stone steps down passing by incredible beautiful rice terrace. Going down is very easy, but not when you think about coming back up specially when is really hot and humidity. When we visited Bali in September there was loads of ceremonies going on in temples. In some of them we could see preparations like in Gunung Kawi.

Stone monuments carved on the main temple.
 Local guide with couple of tourist.
Rules while entering Balinese temples are very strict. One of the rules is wearing a sarong. Sarong is a garment often wrapped around the waist and worn by men and women. Loads of sellers try to sell you one (or more), but it is not necessary as each temple have them for you to hire or it is included in entrance ticket to the temple. Unless you wanna own one.  
Entrance to Gunung Kawi Temple.

Rice paddies on the way to temple.

We were lucky to see preparations for the ceremony. Every temple or shrine has a special date for annual ceremony according to Balinese calendar, which is every 210 days. During ceremony shires are dressed with pieces of clothes, everything looks so colorful!

Before leaving the temple small souvenir shopping on the way up.

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