Tokyo - City of timeless pleasure

The dazzling Japanese capital is one of the few places left where you really feel like you have escaped to another world.
It always seems a step or two ahead of your imagination. We came to Japan by Cathay Pacific and to be honest is one of our favorite airlines so far. Customer service was excellent, food and entertainment just amazing. After a short stopover in Hong Kong, we took a flight to Tokyo. 2963km in 3h20mins and we found ourselves at Narita Airport around 2pm. Yes! We are in Japan! 
Harajuku was our 'must see' stop during the visit. Japanese teen made this place their playground. It is known as a center of Japanese fashion and culture. Thousand of people walk along Takeshita Dori every day. It's packed with hundreds of fashion stores, cafes and Daiso, a 100 yen shop! That day we two between them all. Great feeling! 

After, a stroll in Akihabara - the electronic district, which didn't disappoint us either. You can find here loads of shops with manga and anime, hundreds of electronic stores ranging from a tiny street stall to a huge sized Yodobashi Camera. We have never seen electronic store as big as this one. Eight stories tall packed with almost everything that you can think of. 

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