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One of the days we spent in Marine Park. We got our Day Show Block Ticket which is valid for all 3 shows that the park offers: Parrot Show, Sea Lion Show and Dolphin Show.
Between all shows there is 30 minutes break during which you can visit the Reptile House or just wander around the place or use a free wi-fi! The Dolphin Show is the last Show, undoubtedly they are the stars, but I was impressed with the other two too. The demonstrations are blended with humorous and informative commentary.

Must do and go is definitely Marsaxlokk Fishing Village. It's a small place located in the south-eastern part of Malta and premier fishing port. And the day you should arrive here is Sunday. Why Sunday? Because there is a famous fishing market. If you come here any of the six days of the week you wouldn't even know that it is a fishing village as every day all fishes are packet and transported to Valletta for everyday market there. On Sunday there is no fish market in Valletta - it's here!

As we travelled to Malta during summer we decided to go to one of the village on the island to see real Maltese Festa. Festas happens throughout summer months and every village organizes one. The most important event that honouring their patron saint, during which streets are lined with carts, food stalls, decorations, marches, musical bands etc. We visited the one in Siggiewi - St Nicholas Festa

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    Great images of Malta's Festa. Really enjoys reading about your experience in Malta. Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful post.

  2. Nice sharing! I really enjoyed reading about your experience in Malta. Your blog is very helpful for travelers especially for those who are going to visit Malta first time. I am going to visit Niagra Falls by bus to niagara falls; do you have any idea about it?

  3. Very good! Monika. I like know this beautifull site, quite similar to PerĂº, about the churches, festivals, seafoods and your flag. Thankyou!...Hans