Osaka, Japan

Osaka, third largest city in Japan. We didn't plan to visit Osaka at all, but because our flight to Seoul was from Kansai International Airport, we decided to stay here for a day to experience this unusual city. We started with visiting the Osaka Castle.
From Osakajokoen Station was a very pleasant walk to the castle itself. Everywhere cherry blossom made the view even more magical than we had tried to imagine before. The constructions of the castle started in 1583, few years after was attacked and destroyed. Major reconstruction works finished 1997, which gave it a new glamour look. It looks impressive especially when the entire castle is surrounded by white and pink, cherry and plum blossom.

After visiting the Osaka Castle, we took a train to Namba station and then... we were welcomed by the crazy part of Osaka. The city's most famous entertainment district. We walked through Dotonbori, visited the Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade and to Amemura. We must admit that it made a big impression on us, maybe because we didn't really expected this kind of craziness as we definitely did in Tokyo.

The Kani Doraku - giant mechanical crab.

Glico running man on blue race track - one of the landmarks.
The company Ezaki Glico is Japanese confectionery company, whose message to people is
"A Wholesome Life in the Best of Taste"!

Takoyaki - mostly octopus ball-shaped snack.

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