Shibuya Scramble Crossing, Tokyo

Japanese capital always seems a step or two ahead of our imagination. With over 13 million people on over 2100 km2 Tokyo is world's most populous metropolis. After spending first two days in Tokyo we were extremely tired and we had felt like we literally needed a break.
Transportation is also complicated at the first sign, but after studying it for a bit and with a full map in a hand is manageable. 70% of Japanese railway network is operated by JR, while the remaining 30% by dozen of private companies. That makes life complicated if you wanna change the line to get to a certain station. We decided to get Suica card, which is like London's Oyster card or Hong Kong's Octopus card and it works on most of the private lines and JR. After landing in Narita International Airport we took N'EX Narita Express Train direct to Shinjuku for 1500 yen one way. 

Shibuya Station and one of the largest and busiest pedestrians crossing in the world. To be honest it is like walking into an awesome movie battle scene and coming out alive! It is an amazing attraction itself and it is a 'must experience'.

Video of Shibuya Crossing:

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