Celebrating Sindoor Khela, India

Durga Puja is a largest annual Hindu festival of Bengal that celebrates the worship of the Hindu Godness Durga. Today after 10 days of celebration, the festival draws to an end. Dashomi is the tenth day in the lunar fortnight of the Hinfu calendar. Married Bengali women apply sindoor on the goddess's feet or forehead and then start applying it to all married women around.
Unmarried women or widows are not allowed to celebrate Sindoor Khela. The main purpose of it is to be proud of having a husband. My pictures were taking last year when I was in Kolkata, India, during the celebration. As today is the last day I though I would share some of the pictures now and here. 


  1. Amazing photos! I'd love to see festivals like this myself, I need to travel to India soon :)

    1. Oh yes, you definitely need to visit India, you will never forget the experience!

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