Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Six millions liters of geothermal water from 2000 meters beneath the earth's surface. Rich in silica, algae and salt, placed in a very dramatic setting - in the middle of lava field and surrounded by volcanoes. Near the town of Grandavik 3000 square meters of milky water with an average temperature of 40°C is waiting for you. The water gives off lots of steam, especially during winter time, when air temperature is around 0°C. It's never too cold for entering Blue Lagoon

In addition to the lagoon there is a spa, sauna, steam bath, massaging waterfall and free spot for silica mask to put on your body! The shallowest point is half a meter and the deepest point is around 1.60m so that anyone can enjoy it. The mineral rich waters are reputed to cure people's skin diseases! It is not a natural wonder, the Blue Lagoon is a result of the geothermal plant found just next door. But it does have certain benefits, it is definitely worth a visit and amazing experience like nowhere else in the world!
During winter days are very short in Iceland, but short enough to enjoy the sunlight. We reached the Blue Lagoon just before 10am when was still dark. We watched the sunrise accompanied by the dancing steam, dipped into water for good few hours we stayed until sunset. It was just beautiful!

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