Montenegro - the Land of Black Mountain

Montenegro, or Crna Gora (Black Mountain) as it is called in its Mother Tongue is small in terms of area, but it has everything. You can have breakfast by the dramatic coast line, afternoon spend wandering around beautiful walled cities and dinner followed by sunset by the lake between stunning mountain landscape. While in Montenegro we visited Perast on Boka Bay, Kotor, Budva and Sveti Stefan. We were absolutely amazed by Perast, the calmest place we have ever visited surrounded by mountains. 
Montenegro currency is euro, because of two main reasons: firstly because of high inflation, they made a pact with Germany taking their Marks as a currency, but since Germany joined EEU and started having euros, Montenegro did the same. Second reason is that Montenegro want people from abroad to invest their euros in their country. Loads of constructions going on in Montenegro because of investments people from Russia, Ukraine and other countries. Prices of the landed rises up since Montenegro promised each person who invest €500 000 to become Montenegro citizen.

What's interesting: cars headlights needs to be turned on 24/7 - that's the law.

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