Durga Puja - Idol making studio in Kolkata

 Durga Puja is a largest annual Hindu festival of Bengal that celebrates the worship of the Hindu Godness Durga, where 'Puja' means 'worship'.
It's extremely social and theathrical event. The festival markes the victory of Godness Durga over the evil demon Mahishasura. Durga as a warrior goddness carry most lethal weapons in her ten arms and rides a lion. 

In 2013, Durga Puja took place from 11th to 14th of October, where the Grand Immersion of the Durga idols happened on the 14th of October, the closing day. I had a chance to experience the festival very closely this year. My husband's family lives in Kolkata where the celebration of Puja is the biggest. 

Sanatan Rudra Pal painting the idol's eyes on Mahalaya day. He is one of the most prestigious artist in Kolkata. We were very lucky to see him at work.

Studio was very small but it fitted so many statues underneath one roof.

Sanatan Rudra Pal painting Durga's eyes.

Most of the statues are made of clay, painted and later on decorated with ornaments and cloths. It's unbelievable how much work they put into all those statues. It's just beautiful. 
There are studios around the town where the creation of the idols happens, 
mainly made of clay.
Artist's painting statue. 

Mahalaya is the preparation for the Durga Puja when reaches the final stage. That is also a day of remembrance. People offer 'tarpan' in the memory of their deceased forefathers. That day banks of the River Ganga becomes a see of humanity. Also this day the eyes of the idols are painted. This day I convince my husband to take me to one of the idol making studios around Kolkata to see the statues of Gods before arriving at their pandals. We didn't have there much time, but I tried to use the time to maximum to take some pictures. I absolutely love this place, I love art and love looking at it. I could spend there the entire day if I was allowed.

It was an great experience to see the creation of idols, which later I will see in pandals.

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  3. Do you have the durga idol picture of Bhawanipur sarbojanin in the years 2012 and 2013? kindly upload it. I have missed it, so eager to see it.

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