This is us

Name: Monika Mukherjee
Nationality: Polish

Bio: I am hobbyist photographer who spend most of the time travelling with my husband all around the world, especially in Europe and Asia. I love art, I love exploring new places.

Why Travel Magnet? Through our blog we would like to show you the way we travel, the way we see and explore new places, culture and meet locals. Travel is a luxury, not everyone can (wants to) afford it. For us is simple, well... we take it simple: passports, flight tickets and cameras! Our suitcases are never fully unpacked! 

Name: Anirban Mukherjee
Nationality: Indian

Bio: I am a bit smaller hobbyist photographer than my wife, but as much as her I love travelling around the world. We make a great travel team. I do all necessary preparations for the trip, before every single trip big research is very much needed. How do we choose our next destination? Most of the time is just a impulse, we see some place on the internet, some picture and we just feel like being there! Then it's simple: flight book, visa if necessary, research about the place is nothing but purely pleasure and the excitement till the boarding time!