Go fun yourself & Hike like Korean

South Koreans are weekend warriors. The sport of choice? Hiking. South Korea is covered in mountains and people here are huge nature lover. That's the simplest answer why Korean people love to hike. It has become more like a national identity.
Korea has loads of hiking clubs that offers weekly group outing for its members. One of them we met right on the top of Mount Inwangsan called handsomeandbeautiful! Amazing people! They promised to put our pictures with them on their website but unfortunately their page is in Korean and we can not find it...
We love the way Korean people are dressed and prepared for hiking. It's not only about top and trousers. It's also about poles, gloves, matching hat and backpack and the most colourful, neon outfit you can put together! Our dress wasn't as professional as theirs but we tried to make up with our colourful sunglasses, we really had a nice and sunny day out.

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