Valletta, Malta - Built by gentlemen, for gentlemen

After visiting Comino and Gozo Island time for the mainland Malta. We travelled from the North to South, East to West enjoying every single footstep. There is no rivers, lakes or mountains and the climate is hot! There is over 360 churches and chapels - which is one for every day of the year! 

The Country was under Great Britain's control for more than a century, that's why second official language after Maltese in English so there is no language barrier. Maltese language itself has adopted many words from English, Italian and French and it sounds slightly Arabic. Italian is also widely spoken in here. Difficult to believe but there is over 360 churches and chapels on Malta, Gozo and Comino Island- which is one for every day of the year!
The capital of Malta is Valletta, a city was named after knight - the Grandmaster of Valette. Recently has been listed on UNESCO World Heritage Sites. What makes so unique - is the sea, you can see it from almost everywhere in the city. Valletta is a grid of streets on a finger of land that points into the sea so it's impossible to get lost inside it. 
Now let me take you back to 16th century...but don't close your eyes!

Hope you enjoyed the journey through Valletta!

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