From fire to ice, Iceland

Iceland is one of the places we always wanted to go. While planning the trip we were not sure either to visit on winter or summer. We decided to go during winter, mainly because of the possibility of witnessing the Norther Lights. Iceland convinced us so much that we are already planning to go back there in the future. 

It is absolutely amazing place where nature still shapes this country. The boiling water bubbles underneath feet, volcanoes spout above heads and earthquakes that shake things up. 300 000 people live in Iceland and most of them live in southwest coast where the capital Reykjavik is. Much of the rest is uninhabited or uninhabitable. 

Loads of Icelandic people believe in viking, but written sources say that first settlement on the island came from Norway and Ireland (mostly women). People there were tired of domestic conflicts in their countries so they searched for peace which they found in here. 

In next post we will show you Gullfoss Waterfall and 
the rift valley in Thingvellir National Park.

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